artist statent

As an artist, I respect the use of natural materials such as indigenous timbers and marble that I quarry. Both demanding of time and effort, my sculptures can often take the better part of a year to complete. Whether in timber or stone, I work using traditional methods and techniques.

My adopted methodical approach reflects the patience required to directly carve and finish sculptures. More recently, my practice has become weighted towards the use of stone, often to produce large public art commissions.

There is nothing ephemeral about stone. You need courage to work a ten ton block. The materials I use will produce permanency to outlive most other pundits.

The marble I carve has metamorphosed over hundreds of million years. It contains remnants and fossils that I reincarnated to further permeate and find new meaning beyond my existence.

These recent developments in stone follow on from earlier iconographic works which can be identified in a native tradition, and, have become the mainstay of my vocabulary following a sojourn to ancestral Lithuania.

My object making reflects this Occidental heritage.

Since establishing my practice, gravitations to the figurative mark a recent segue in moving freely between the figurative and abstract in putting signature to new works.